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Custom BitCoin Mining Computers

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency. This digital currency had no governmental denomination, which therefore means that it is a free worldwide currency free of crippling regulation. It is an anonymous currency that does not link to any government or any banking instution therefore making this form of currency a completely independent form. This means the People own this currency, not any government, country, or politician.

Now unlike the American dollar, the Bitcoin has been set to only produce 21 million units, ever. Whereas the American government can go on printing dollars as it pleases to “pay the bills”, the bitcoin will never surpass this set amount.

Basically, the Bitcoin processes math equations. A “hash” is a math equation that the computer processor tries to decode. Once the hash has been decoded then a piece of the Bitcoin is mined. Therefore a GigaHash, which is one million computations per second, is trying to decode many very complex math problems to generate the equation into a Bitcoin.

The catch is that the more Bitcoins that are mined will make the difficulty harder for the computer to equate. This will get harder and harder until every Bitcoin is mined. This will mean more GPU power will be needed to mine the Bitcoin in the future.

Bitcoins cannot be simply created by printing some green ink on a piece of paper. Bitcoin is created by extreme computational power which will only output as much as the computer can process. It is a very complex system which has been designed to grow in difficulty as more Bitcoins are mined.

The question now is, what is the future of Bitcoin? We have seen the rise in Bitcoin as more governments become unstable in this uncertain time. Knowing that only a certain amount will be made, we can only predict that the Bitcoin will become extremely valuable due to scarcity and demand as governmental currencies tank.

The trend is showing that more and more businesses and companies are accepting Bitcoins as form of payment making Bitcoin a viable currency.

In order to mine a Bitcoin, you can have any computer with specialized cards to install and run the Bitcoin mining user interface. However, most computers are too weak to mine the Bitcoin and will not produce enough GPU power to successfully mine enough Gigahash per second. You will need to invest some dough and get a real Bitcoin mining machine, which we offer here at T's Pc's